GAL to GAL Sync

Syncing the GAL between companies.

Companies involved in mergers and acquisitions will need to sync GALs, sometimes on short notice. The ability to reach other employees quickly and accurately can be especially important during transitional periods.

How do you achieve employee reachability that links contact databases of cooperating organizations across firewalls?
Two companies announce a merger. Now their “merger clock” is ticking. Can they quickly meld their people and operations, or will customers and the stock market sense that something is awry and lose confidence?
The ideal solution enables fast collaboration and connection by giving selected employees the contact data on a key set of employees at another company. This information is delivered to each user’s individual address book in Microsoft Outlook and on their smart phone. The goal is to maintain reachability between designated staff groups at multiple organizations, regardless of firewall barriers and how often the contact data may change.

Third-Party Solutions for Syncing GALs Across Company Lines.

If you want multiple GALs synced reliably to one another, you will need a third-party solution. This is a specialized area of contact sync, and it’s advisable to use an application with predictable behavior, rather than design an in-house solution.

GAL Sync Solutions:


Sync the GALs for Two SaaS Tenants

Companies often need to sync the GALs of two Office 365 tenants. Learn from the example of one company acquiring another business, with the need to quickly share contacts across enterprise boundaries.

Share Contacts between Two Organizations

How to share contacts between two companies using Exchange
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