GAL to GAL Sync

Syncing the GAL between companies.

Companies involved in mergers and acquisitions will need to sync GALs, sometimes on short notice. The ability to reach other employees quickly and accurately can be especially important during transitional periods.

How do you achieve employee reachability that links contact databases of cooperating organizations across firewalls?
Two companies announce a merger. Now their “merger clock” is ticking. Can they quickly meld their people and operations, or will customers and the stock market sense that something is awry and lose confidence?
The ideal solution enables fast collaboration and connection by giving selected employees the contact data on a key set of employees at another company. This information is delivered to each user’s individual address book in Microsoft Outlook and on their smart phone. The goal is to maintain reachability between designated staff groups at multiple organizations, regardless of firewall barriers and how often the contact data may change.

What is GAL to GAL sync?

The Global Address List (GAL) serves as the primary contact and email database for organizations utilizing Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Office on Premise. While a powerful means of organizing and reviewing information, it’s not without its limitations. One such limitation is the difficulty – or downright inability – for organizations to merge two or more Global Address Lists together. As it currently stands, Microsoft doesn’t offer any method to natively merge or sync multiple Global Address lists together. This leaves administrators with a problem; either create their own workaround to merge this data or look for a third-party solution.

“Two-way GAL sync” or “GAL to GAL sync” is the process of combining, syncing, or merging multiple GALs across several tenants, either in the cloud, or on premise.

Making the most of the Cloud

Synchronizing Global Address Lists between multiple tenants is a technical, time-consuming process without utilizing a third-party product. However, in recent years, syncing multiple Global Address Lists together has become simpler thanks to Cloud-based SaaS platforms, which streamline the process. The GAL-to-GAL sync process makes communication more efficient and accessible than ever – perfect for managing large address books. Multi-way GAL sync allows you to sync contacts between multiple GALs at once.

Why and when do organizations need a two-way GAL sync solution?

Performing GAL to GAL sync is a cost-effective and efficient way to share contact information between multiple tenants in real time. There are several reasons why organizations would need to perform a 2-way GAL sync. For example, a company that has recently completed an acquisition will need to sync contacts between each organization’s tenants to eliminate data silos and harmonize collaboration between teams. Similarly, GAL to GAL sync can be beneficial for two or more organizations in a partnership that need to share contact information to collaborate more effectively. Another use case is in organizations looking to migrate their information from one GAL to another. By consolidating multiple GAL contacts into one centralized location, these solutions allow companies to quickly share contact information between departments without wasting time on manual data entry.

2-Way GAL Sync Solutions on the market

Cloud-based GAL to GAL sync solutions offer a host of benefits that make them an ideal choice for organizations. Below are some of the most popular solutions on the market currently.



Organizations today need a cloud-based solution that allows them to securely share documents and data. NETsec offers a GAL sync feature that enables efficient collaboration for teams of all sizes. This cloud-based solution allows organizations to securely share documents and data, with the added benefits of efficient collaboration and quick access to changes. There are many different features available, so find the one that works best for your organization. For example, you may want to use GALsync to keep up with changes in your files without having to worry about IT support or storage space restrictions.

DidItBetter Software

DidItBetter Software

DidItBetter Software offers Exchange public folder synchronization and GAL sync solutions for Outlook, smartphone, and mobile device users. Its GAL Sync feature allows users to automatically sync GALs between two Office 365 Tenants or two different Exchange Servers.

One Way GAL Sync with CiraSync


Without an automatic one-way Office 365 GAL sync solution, employees waste time looking up current contact information, cannot identify critical business calls or are forced to make manual updates. CiraSync is a cloud-based solution that helps you do just that. It eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure and provides consolidated data governance. CiraSync provides automatic one-way GAL sync to Smartphones.



DayOne by Pro-Vision Software Solutions is built on top of the Azure AD B2B platform that enables continuous object synchronization between multiple Microsoft 365 tenants. The synced objects can appear in Exchange Global Address List (GAL) and can be assigned permissions in SharePoint Online or be added to Microsoft Teams.



Many business owners find it challenging to track their contacts and manually manage their workflow. Not to mention organizations rapidly expanding by acquiring other companies; their contact lists grow as well, making manual GAL to GAL sync unfeasible and error prone. CiraHub allows you to automate and simplify your 2-way GAL sync. By syncing your GAL data with CiraHub, users from any tenant can see all the contact information in all other tenants, including email addresses and phone numbers. This makes it easy to follow up on past engagements and stay updated on new developments between organizations. CiraHub will help sync this information automatically so that everything is in sync across devices.